simpleTunes for iPhone.
control your music with just a finger swipe.

With simpleTunes you can easily control your music with just a finger swipe – without looking on the device. Large typography provides easy reading, especially while driving. simpleTunes works in any orientation and provides great customization (incl. background, typography, gestures, shuffle and repeat).

Enjoy it in your car stereo: If you are using your iPhone or iPod Touch in your car, you will love simpleTunes. It does not only provide large typography for easy reading, but also the ability to reduce visual distraction by simply fading out the cover art and bringing the important stuff into the center of your device. simpleTunes perfectly integrates with any car entertainment system.

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With simpleTunes Free you can easily control your music with just a finger swipe – without looking on the device. This version does not have an own playlist. simpleTunes Free is using iAds.


simpleTunes Playlist

With the brand new user interface simpleTunes now comes with an own playlist. You can easily switch between your simpleTunes Playlist and your iPod library – just with a finger tip.

Swiping-up with one finger opens the simpleTunes Playlist. If you end simpleTunes, your current playlist is saved for later use.

Large typography and easy to reach control elements guarantee a better musicpicker experience than the native iPod app provides. Now you can not only read what song is currently playing, but also what songs you have in your iPod library. It’s that easy!


Gesture controlled.

simpleTunes is totally gesture controlled and optimized for in-car usage.

  • Swipe right to skip to previous song.
  • Swipe left to skip to next song.
  • Tap to play and pause music.
  • Swipe up to open MediaPicker.
  • Swipe down with two fingers to fade out cover art.
  • Swipe up with two fingers to fade in cover art.

Customize it.

With the latest simpleTunes 1.6 you can customize your simpleTunes experience even more.

  • Font size: large and normal
  • Font color: white, silver, and orange
  • Background: leather, dark blue, and dark metal
  • Switch left/right swipe
  • Enable repeat mode
  • Enable shuffle mode
  • Disable sleep mode

Hold it any way.

Support of landscape and portrait mode. The Interface changes depending on how you place the device, for example in your car. This allows even better music experience.

Simple but elegant design: simpleTunes provides a reduced but elegant design and just shows the information you need: title, artist and album, plus large cover art. That’s it! If even this is too much, simply swipe down with two fingers to fade out cover art.

Easy reading: Reading title and artist on the normal iPod interface is a mess, and it get’s even worse from a distance. simpleTunes provides large typography for easy reading and scrolls text across the display.


What others say.

I love this app! Accessing my music library in the car is so easy. It's well worth the money spent.
Eric S.

It's better than the native iPod App, because I can easily read what's on the screen.
Nancy M.


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